Elsa B Styling

About us

Founded by Elsa Boutaric, Chief Personal Stylist and Image Consultant, Elsa B Styling is a global team of image consultants and business etiquette coach with a passion for  changing people’s life by the power of Image enhancement.

Our deep understanding of personal branding and professional image enhancement can transform and elevate every aspect of your life at any stage of your career. Our expertise looks beyond you exterior appearance to consider your verbal and non-verbal communication, resulting in a polished, put-together, professional result that helps you realize your ultimate potential. 

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a professional, starting a new career or an up-and-coming executive who needs to be persuasive, convincing, and truly authentic, we will work with you to craft and hone a personal brand that speaks your truth, embodies your essence, and fits your lifestyle.

What Makes Us Different?

We are highly creative and impassioned individuals, recognized for our skill and deep understanding of personal branding and image relooking.

We know that success goes much deeper than appearances and depends on a confluence of many attributes. Non-verbal communication and international business etiquette are essential components to make an impactful first impression, and we incorporate these aspects when and as required.

Ultimately, we believe that everybody needs to master a personal Image that reflects their unique perspective, one that supports their personal brand and provides easy options that are suitable for any occasion.

About Elsa Boutaric

Elsa Boutaric is a Certified Image Consultant, Personal Stylist, and business etiquette coach operating internationally between the UK, the USA, and Europe. A personal stylist, Image consultant and business etiquette coach with experience in the corporate realm, Elsa takes great pride in helping her clients create a personal brand that embodies their style and elevates their professional status beyond what they thought possible.

A native of France, Elsa studied at the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York. She also attended the Ecole Supérieure de Relooking in Paris, where she studied non-verbal communication and personal branding in addition to professional image coaching. She also certified from the Stylist London Academy, The Style Coach Institute, By Ferial image consultant training approved and accredited by AICI  and The British School of Etiquette, where she earned an additional certificate in Business Etiquette and Non-Verbal Communication.

Elsa holds a degree in business studies from London School of Commerce and an AAS in Fashion Marketing  from Parsons School of Design as well as certificates in Style coaching, Image Coaching, Personal Styling, Personal Branding, Corporate Image Consulting, Business Etiquette, and Non-Verbal Communication.  She is also a member of the International Society of Female Professionals and is a certified Personal Image Consultant, Personal Stylist, Business etiquette coach and part of the Business Etiquette school coaching team. 

Having worked in the fashion industry in New York, Miami, and London, Elsa exudes global fashion-savvy, with an intrinsic understanding of cultural and localized trends.