Elsa B Styling

Corporate Image

How we dress and how we present ourselves has a substantial impact on how others see us. Interestingly, science also tells us that our appearance has a direct effect on our productivity, too.

For these and many other reasons, your corporate image is an integral part of your success.

Aspirationally, you and your team are brand evangelists, the collective face of your company on the frontlines of an ever-more competitive business landscape. The image you present to the world radiates who you are, both as a brand and as an employer.

For your organization

Over the years, dress codes have evolved to reflect new ways of working. Employees are no longer chained to a desk or beholden to a specific approach to the way they dress. Individuality is encouraged, and as a result, associates tend to take a lot of license in terms of what is and is not appropriate. Without clear articulation of these ideas, you might be missing a unique brand-strengthening opportunity.

In developing an appropriate corporate image, we consider your people, the standards in your industry, and the expectations of your clientele, juxtaposed against the context of how you work.

Benefits With Benefits: Corporate Style Consulting Workshops

Adding style consulting to your corporate benefits is the ultimate perk. An on-brand image that radiates throughout the organization helps your company recruit successfully, retain top talent, and promote a strong work culture.

Workshops can be organized for any size team or for individuals working in the corporate world. Reach out today to learn more.

For Business Leaders and Executives

As a leader, people look to you for direction and inspiration. Employees and clients alike are empowered by your presence, so it makes good sense to pay attention to the way you come across to them.

What does your image say about your brand?

Whether you currently lead a successful company or you are making a significant career move, corporate image consulting will help you reach your objectives effortlessly.