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How to professionally improve virtual presentation skills

In today’s COVID-19 world, there has been an influx of virtual meetings and presentations. For some, this has been very challenging to adapt to their new surroundings and thrive in this new business environment. Especially for virtual presenting, it is much harder to capture the audience and keep your listeners engaged online. Unfortunately, there is no date when things will go back to normal, and virtual work might become a permanent part of our lives, therefore it’s essential we use it properly. Here are 6 tips to make sure your virtual presentation is sophisticated, yet engaging. Get the right setting: It sounds obvious, but make you the lighting is good and that the background is a clean, bright space with no distractions. For example ensure notifications are turned off, mute your doorbell and no movement around you. Some virtual platforms allow for the blurring of your background, be sure to check out what features your chosen platform has

16 August 2020, 14:20
Start dressing for your body type today

Do you struggle with finding that perfect fit, or wonder why that dress looks better on someone else? It sounds obvious, but your wardrobe should be filled with clothes that fit and flatter you properly. This is why dressing for your body type is essential. In order to find out your body type, you should measure your shoulders, bust, waist and hips.

22 July 2020, 19:46
How body language affects communication

Have you ever wondered what you say when you ‘talk’ with your hands? Or how posture and eye contact are key elements in building trust? A lot of people overestimate the power of words, but communication is so much more than that. Communication is how we overall present ourselves and our words just accompany that. In fact, according to Professor Albert Mehrabian, personal communication can be broken down into a “7% 38% 55% rule”. He theorized that communication can be separated and broken down into three key parts: 7% is the words/ phrases we use 38% is how we say those words 55% is our body language

16 July 2020, 22:08
Why you need to start Power Dressing

The business world today is a competitive and ruthless environment, therefore it’s essential that we present ourselves in a style that reflects our position, this is called ‘Power Dressing’. After becoming a popular trend in the 80s, but dating back to the likes of Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli, it empowered women and changed their outlook on life. Since then, it has transformed into a vital necessity within corporate life, for both men and women. Power dressing is important because it impacts how others see us, the aim is to radiate an impactful, confident and professional personality through your style. It also isn’t about buying the most expensive clothing, but rather the ability to inspire authority and respect. within your workplace

06 July 2020, 17:53
Are positive first impressions crucial within today's hypercritical society?

We often tell ourselves first impressions are everything, this is because people form a perception of you within the first 7 seconds. First impressions can determine if we ace a job interview, or even score a second date. They shape long-term business and personal relationships. So, what happens if you do not make a first powerful impression? If a first impression didn’t go quite as planned, and you’ve left a job interview thinking you haven’t represented yourself well, is that it? The short answer: no. Even though first impressions are crucial, there are always opportunities to redeem yourself and change peoples perception of you.

03 July 2020, 21:12
How do colors affect our emotions and psychology?

For centuries, artists have depicted moods and emotions through the use of color, this is because color influences our psychological reactions. Have you ever wondered why yellow makes you feel happy? Or, why red evokes a sense of danger and anxiety? Effectively, everything we see makes us feel something; and though research into why we have individual responses is limited, we know that color psychology is an incredibly powerful tool. For artists, designers, and marketers, the use of color plays a huge role in implementing your brand identity and can make or break new and upcoming businesses.

25 June 2020, 21:37
Easy steps to successfully optimize your etiquette

What do we mean when we talk about ‘etiquette’? Well, according to the Oxford dictionary it is defined as “the customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group”. Essentially, it is a set of rules that should be followed in social and business environments, etiquette reflects your character, confidence and courtesy. Etiquette is very important in the workplace, it creates a mutual respect between co-workers and allows for increased productivity.

19 June 2020, 16:18
Are we judged by our appearance in today's paradoxical society?

Are we judged by our appearance in today's paradoxical society? It is said that within the first seven seconds of meeting someone, an impression is formed, and 55% of that impression is visual. Now, whether we like it or not, judgement surrounding appearance is prevalent in today's society. Although, in recent years judgement based on appearance has eased; with tattoos and piercing being increasingly accepted within the workplace & the leniency of gender-based clothes increasing. Despite this, the way we dress, look and carry ourselves are always going to be judged

30 April 2020, 13:37