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The Wardrobe Edit



It all begins with an in-home consultation and wardrobe edit where I learn about you and your needs. The Wardrobe Edit is for women who want to refresh their style and turnaround their wardrobe. It is the most fashionable option for someone who is short on time but still knows how to invest in a professional personal stylist for a long-lasting style transformation. During the Wardrobe Edit, we will decide what to keep, what to alter, what to donate, and what to acquire. Once we finalize everything, we will structure your closet to function efficiently and put together new, complete looks for you with what you already have in your closet.

What is included:

  • 3 hours in-home session (The Session can be in the morning or the afternoon),
  • Bra-Fitting,
  • Wardrobe Editing (clearing unwanted pieces, deciding on what to keep, what to alter, and what to buy),
  • Identify key pieces to create the foundation of your capsule wardrobe,
  • Pulling new outfits with your current wardrobe,
  • A curated list of suggested outfits to complete your current wardrobe .


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