Elsa B Styling


Darren Samson -Advertising- Baltimore Maryland 

I would recommend Elsa to anyone interested in improving their personal style or how they look. I never hired a stylist before for my own appearance. But after meeting Elsa I will definitely use her services again. She did an excellent job finding out who I am and what my life is like. Then Elsa gave me great ideas on how to improve my wardrobe. She pushes me out of my comfort zone without losing who I am. Elsa has an incredible eye for color, she can see how things match that the average person cannot. If you need to improve your wardrobe, or just need ideas on what pieces and colors to add, you should talk to Elsa. 

Thomas Kays - Business Tax attorney -NYC

I started a new career a few months ago, and I lacked skills to make a first powerful impression which aligned with my position and the company DNA. ElsaBstyling provided me with a solution for both my image and my non-verbal communication skills. Until that day, I was not aware of how potential clients viewed my Image and how important it is to understand the fundamental of Image enhancement. This process is necessary for your business development.


Philip Sykes - The British School of Etiquette - London

Elsa is a true professional in her approach, she makes you feel very comfortable and instills you with great confidence. Elsa takes the time to get to know you and your personality and she listens to you, which in turn produces great results. One of her many attributes is that Elsa is passionate about what she does, she does not only have an eye for fashion and detail she also incorporates well being into her offering. Elsa invests in herself and in turn gives her clients more than just styling.

Maristella Colombo - jewelry designer and fashion marketer - Milano, Italy.

I booked an online Image Consultation Session with ElsaB Styling , because I needed to update my wardrobe and my outfits after my pregnancy. As I’m very busy with my businesses and my daughter, I needed to find someone online to trust and to re-build my wardrobe following my style. I found in Elsa a trustworthy person that helped me to re-define my style, especially for the business occasions. She is really helpful, patient and she knew exactly what I was looking for. It was a great session, I highly recommend it and I cannot speak well enough about it.

M Bailey - Corporate banking relationship manager - London

The Personal Styling and Wardrobe Session with Elsa was a fantastic experience. The day Elsa visited my house, we went through my wardrobe. My main concern was to sort clothes into work, casual looks, and to work on my style. She knew what flattered me and what combinations of clothes worked well together. The day we went on our shopping trip. She knew what shops to go to and had a clear plan, and she picked several items that I wouldn’t have even chosen. Elsa is genuinely knowledgable of her profession, and I feel more confident about my style. Amazing experience.

Loren Mosley- HR consultant - London

My online Image Consulting Session with Elsa was an inspiring experience. She was able to meet my needs in no time. After receiving my bespoke shopping list and style mood-board, I was able to fill the gap in my wardrobe with styles that suit me. Elsa’s professionalism is outstanding. During our 1hour call consultation, she has helped to get my confidence back wit styles that suit me perfectly. I have enjoyed the convenience of getting styled and shop from my own home. She is an honest, knowledgeable, talented, and very friendly personal stylist.

L West - Private Funds attorney- NYC

I have no time to shop, and when it comes to buying online, I have no patience. I am an attorney with very little time to think about my wardrobe due to my busy schedule. I booked the online Image consulting  Session. The process is straightforward, we had one hour FaceTime call, we discussed my problems, and she immediately grasped the solution for my style, lifestyle, and budget. A few days later, I was so thrilled to open my email with her bespoke shopping list and my virtual wardrobe. I ‘ll do it again.

Alexandra Rhom - LONDON

Elsa made me feel more confident and outgoing about my look; she was able to edit my wardrobe efficiently. I no longer feel that I have nothing to wear. She met my expectations and was able to style looks and build a wardrobe fitting my lifestyle, body shape, and budget. Whether you need her services for a season session, or on the go styling keys pieces or full styling session I would highly recommend her

Nadia Farahan - NYC

I started using Elsa’s Full Wardrobe edit package back when I was living in New York City. I found myself always having to be on the go and jumping from different business meetings and never fully feeling dressed to impressed. Elsa creatively collaborated with me using her digital mood board and genuinely took the time to understand my needs. She took the time to go through each item with me in my closet and helped me select pieces that have empowered me to curate the wardrobe I have always dreamed of. Never having anything to wear, or feeling like I wasn’t dressed properly took more energy from me than it should. Through Elsa’s talent I now have my go-to’s and an amazing wardrobe so I can always feel ready whether I am going to business meetings, networking events, or a night out on the town. I would happily work with Elsa again and recommend her talent to any woman who may feel like they need that special touch to look their best, to feel their best. I know I found it. Thank you again, to Elsa

Wendy Gordon - MIAMI

 I had Elsa redo some clothes in my closet. One piece was a dinner jacket made in Italy owned by my late father. Elsa was able to modernise it enough so that I could wear it while still maintaining its essence. The jacket is sentimental to me, and whenever I wear it I feel as though my father is with me. She created a kind of boyfriend jacket out of it. Another piece redone was a blue jean jacket that was a staple in my wardrobe. I had worn it to death , yet wasn’t able to part with it. Elsa updated it by creating a work of art out of it. A gigantic Tom Ford patch on the back has made it a conversation piece every time I wear it. Everybody wants to know where I got this updated , incredibly hip jacket. When I tell them that it was “reborn” from Elsa’s creativity they are impressed with her vision! Not only was this a fun experience, but in fact Elsa took my individual needs to heart. I did not want to ruin my fathers jacket. Elsa was considerate of my input. It was a real collaboration! I will do it again with Elsa . Thank you,

Ilona Musiatowicz - LONDON

Elsa is truly knowledgeable about her work. I did not have the time or the expertise to pull together new looks for my wardrobe. Being a full-time mother made it even more complicated to think about building a wardrobe. I would “quick-shop” online, overbuy and often end up with clothes that did not fit my body shape or my lifestyle. I have booked Elsa’s Full Styling Session, and it is the best investment I have made so far for my wardrobe. As a result of our sessions together I now have a full, current and working sustainable wardrobe that can take me anywhere