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Every women has the choice to elevate their branding to be seen, be heard, and be noticed for who they are. To make an impact and exude the executive presence of a leader in your industry, then a relevant professional image is essential.

The Wardrobe Edit

When you look great, you feel amazing. You appear confident, successful, and put-together, no matter the occasion.

The Wardrobe Edit is perfect for any woman who needs a style and wardrobe refresh. Our Image consultants  work with you to understand you and your unique lifestyle, transforming your look to suit your personality, lifestyle, and personal preferences.

It all begins with an in-home consultation and Wardrobe Edit. During this session, our Image consultants get to know you and your needs.

Together, we will go through your wardrobe and decide what to keep, what to donate, and what we need to buy to build out your new Image. We will first talk about what works and what doesn’t. Then, we will explore how to put together an outfit for any occasion. Once finalized, we will organize your closet to function more efficiently. You emerge with new, complete looks using the items you already have in your closet.

Short on time? Working with an Image consultant is a smart investment in your personal brand. We help busy executive women achieve a polished and professional image that speaks volumes about who you are and what you have to offer.

Your Wardrobe Edit Includes

  • Three-hour in-home session, usually beginning at 10 am
  • Bra-fitting
  • Clearing unwanted or outdated pieces from your closet
  • Identify key pieces to create the foundation of your capsule wardrobe
  • Pull together new outfits using your current wardrobe
  • Develop a curated list of suggested outfits to complete your look

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The Personal Styling Session

We begin every personal styling session with a consultation, during which our Image consultants  learn more about you, your lifestyle, and what you want to accomplish with your new look. We will talk about your typical day, the style problems you want to solve, and generally how you want to look and feel.

On the day of your Personal Styling Session, your Image consultant will pre-select pieces for you and prepare the fitting room with key items that address your unique lifestyle needs. We will take this exciting journey together, ensuring that you leave the session with outfits and combinations that meet all of your needs

Your Personal Styling Session Includes:

  • Four-hour in-store personal styling session. Each session usually runs from 11 am until 3 pm, with a 30-minute break for lunch.
  • Your stylist will pre-shop your looks before you arrive
  • Professional bra-fitting
  • Learn how to put perfect outfits together effortlessly
  • Explore new looks, new colors, and fabrics chosen just for you

You will leave your session feeling empowered and confident, ready to take on the world.

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