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Every women has the choice to elevate their branding to be seen, be heard, and be noticed for who they are. To make an impact and exude the executive presence of a leader in your industry, then a relevant professional image is essential.

Wardrobe edit session

The Wardrobe Edit – $457

It all begins with an in-home consultation and wardrobe edit where I learn about you and your needs. The Wardrobe Edit is for women who want to refresh their style and turnaround their wardrobe. It is the most fashionable option for someone who is short on time but still knows how to invest in a professional personal stylist for a long-lasting style transformation. During the Wardrobe Edit, we will decide what to keep, what to donate, and what to buy to build back your wardrobe. Once we finalize everything, we will structure your closet to function efficiently and put together new, complete looks for you with what you already have in your closet.

What is included:

  • 3 hours in-home session (The Session generally starts around 10am)
  • Bra-Fitting,
  • Clearing unwanted pieces
  • Identify key pieces to create the foundation of your capsule wardrobe,
  • Pulling new outfits with your current wardrobe,
  • A curated list of suggested outfits to complete your current wardrobe .
Personnal styling session

The Personal Styling Session – $457

The first step of the Personal Styling Session is to set up a style consultation where we will discuss the changes you want to make to your wardrobe by building a clear picture of your lifestyle, the problems you want to solve, and how you want to look and feel when you get dressed in the morning. The day of the Personal Styling Session, I will pre-select pieces for you and prepare the fitting room with key items to meet your unique lifestyle. We will go on this exciting journey together, and as your personal stylist, I will ensure that you leave with outfits that fill every gap in your wardrobe.

What is included:

  • 4 hours in-store personal styling session (The session will usually start at 11 am until 3 pm with a 30 min lunch break),
  • Your stylist will Pre-shop your looks before your arrival,
  • Bra-Fitting,
  • Learn how to put outfits together and to create your signature style effortlessly,
  • Explore new looks, new colors, and fabrics,
  • You will leave the session feeling empowered and confident.
Full styling session

The Full Styling Session – $897

The Full Styling session includes both the Wardrobe Edit and the Personal Styling Session.

What is included:

  • 3 hours Wardrobe Edit (see details in services),
  • 4 hours The Personal styling Session (see details in services),
  • Curated Virtual Style LookBook (your bespoke style edit LookBook, brands, style tips).
Luxury experience session

The Luxury Experience – $1,297

The Luxury Experience includes both the wardrobe edit & the full styling session with one month of post Styling Expert services. I will follow up on our session making sure you know how to pull your new looks together.

What is included:

  • 3hours Wardrobe Edit (see details in services),
  • 4hours The Personal styling Session (see details in services),
  • 1.5 hours post styling session (In-home service, helping you complete looks with your existing wardrobe and new outfits),
  • A Curated Virtual Style LookBook (your bespoke style edit LookBook, brands, style tips),
  • 1hour  follow up post Styling expert services. (via phone call or virtual call) available one month.
On-the-go session

The On-The-Go Personal Styling Session – $237

Whether you need a personal stylist to help create looks from your existing wardrobe or have a last-minute styling request to find the perfect outfit for a specific event, the On-The-Go Personal Styling Session is the right choice for you.

What is included:

  • In-home or In-store session, (1.5hr)
  • Quick style Fix pulling looks together for a specific event or occasion.

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