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The need to look good and carry a powerful personality is growing day by day. Either you are often exposed to public speaking and need a polished image or need to revamp your wardrobe, Elsa’s services can change your life for the better. Elsa works with you on a one-to-one basis providing a style solution for the image you want to project. Her clients range from individuals seeking to revamp their image for social occasions or looking for the perfect work image. Investing in your image will enable you to carry yourself with confidence, and to best present yourself.

You are a professional strong-minded woman who is ready to rediscover her unique sense of style.

You are a successful, driven man who is ready to revamp and strengthen his image.

You are successful and excelling at what you do.

You may not be there yet, but you have the desire to elevate your image.You know your clothing has the potential to powerfully amplify your professional and personal success, your confidence, and how the world views you.

You are ready to invest in a wardrobe filled with timeless, versatile staples and timely, must-have pieces. You want thoughtful guidance to shop purposefully and buy the right pieces. You are ready for a wardrobe that sustainably and efficiently meets your lifestyle, your budget, and your body-shape.

You are ready to seek help from an expert personal stylist who will empower you to achieve all of your sartorial goals.


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Personal Stylist
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”Elsa is a highly experienced personal stylist and Image consultant. She prides herself on helping her clients in creating wardrobes that embody their style and fit their lifestyle. Highly creative and passionate, she provides clients with attainable style advice. Elsa believes everyone deserves a wardrobe that reflects their unique style, their personality and tailored to their lifestyle. All of this can be achieved with Elsa’s personal image consulting and wardrobe styling services.

Originally from France, Elsa has studied at The prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York, The Ecole Superieure De Relooking in Paris, The powerhouse, expert-training, Stylist London Academy and at The British School Of Etiquette.

She has worked in the fashion industry in New York, Miami and London and so possesses global fashion know-how which enables her to understand local trends intimately. Elsa established her Image consulting agency to fulfill her entrepreneurial drive and to share her innate sense of style and passion for clothes and how they can empower you.”

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