Elsa B Styling


Everybody needs to look and feel their best. The way you carry yourself reflects your strength and personality and helps you project the image you want the world to see. A professional image is a must for business executives as you are representing a brand. Your look tells the world what you’re all about. The right look will get you in the door, while a not-quite-right look might be a barrier, especially in the corporate world where there is so much at stake

Personal Branding and Image Consultation

Anyone can benefit from an image makeover. Perhaps you frequently engage in public speaking and need a polished image; or, it could be that you are so busy that you don’t have time to figure out what clothes to buy and how to wear them. No matter where you are in your career or what your lifestyle, culture, and appearance needs might be, our image team will transform everything about how you approach your look and the way you present yourself to the world.


We work with our clients one-to-one, providing bespoke style solutions that reflect the image you want to project.

Our clients range from c-suite executives to entrepreneurs seeking to revamp or discover their most influential image. Whatever your objectives might be, an investment in your image will help you carry yourself with confidence and present your best self to the world.

Communication and Business Etiquette

It takes seven seconds for people to form an opinion of you.

For anyone in a corporate position, presenting a strong, commanding image is essential. However, it’s about more than just your appearance.

To reach the apogee of your personal and professional potential, awareness of body language, excellent communication skills, and a command of business etiquette is essential. These attributes, when developed and presented naturally, are the embodiment of leadership


You are …

  • A strong, professional, ready to level up your Image and communication skills.
  • You are successful, you are at the top of your game, and recognized as a leader at what you do.
  • You might not have reached the top of the ladder quite yet, but you have the desire to elevate your image, and you know that your clothing and the persona you project will get you there.


Personal and professional image styling amplifies your professional and personal success,

boosts your confidence and transforms the way the world sees you.

A Framework For Your Extraordinary Career

We pride ourselves on helping our clients to optimize their  unique Image and professionalism to lead an extradorinaiy career. Your first impression matters we share our formulas to the fundamentals of Personal image, behavior and non-communication that embodies their essence and speaks their truth. We are highly creative and passionate about what we do, providing attainable Image  advice for men and women at any stage of their life and career. We believe that everybody deserves to master their leadership image that reflects their unique perspective, one that supports a personal brand and provides easy options that are suitable for any occasion

Your look, your demeanor, and how you communicate and present yourself should reflect your position, highlight your unique perspective, and support your personal brand.

We accomplish these goals in various ways:

  • Image enhancement
  • Style coaching
  • Business and leadership etiquette
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication coaching



Founded by Elsa Boutaric, Chief Personal Stylist and Image Consultant, Elsa B Styling is a global team of image consultants and business etiquette coach with a passion for  changing people’s life by the power of Image enhancement.

We have a deep understanding of how your unique Image  and how you present yourself can transform everything about your life.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a professional, starting a new career or an up-and-coming executive who needs to be persuasive, convincing, and truly authentic, we will work with you to craft and hone a personal brand that speaks your truth, embodies your essence, and fits your lifestyle.